Why does it stop after ten minutes of use?

It should be charged for 4-5 hours before using it for the first time. When the power is sufficient, the high-speed gear can be used for about 80 minutes, low gear can be used for 120 minutes, which can fully meet the needs of use.

Why does it stop working when the force is too high?

The product has a built-in anti-injury protection device. If too much pressure is applied, there is a possibility of hurting yourself. Therefore, when the force is too strong, it will stop running. 

Can it work when charging?

No, you need to charge first, for the first time use, you need to charge 4-5 hours, that is to say, when the red light is on, it is charging and cannot be operated, but when the white light is on, it's not charging and can be used normally.